Let’s Get Chocolatey

It’s taken a little while, but we are pleased to announce that the Virtual Engine Toolkit (VET) and the App-V Configuration Editor (ACE) are now available on Chocolatey! If you have Chocolatey installed on your systems then you can get going by running the commands listed below.


Microsoft Package Management

It gets even better if you’re running the Windows 10 Insider preview, the latest WMF 5.0 April 2015 preview or have installed the latest experimental OneGet build on Windows 7 and up, you can download these directly – today!

To do this, run the Install-Package ace or Install-Package vet commands, like so:

Other Packages

It doesn’t end here though. We have also published the following packages that you might find useful to the public Chocolatey feed:

Now – go get Chocolatey 😀