User PWRMENU.INI Preferences

The PWRUSER.INI file stores the user specific settings for their PowerFuse environment. For example, if a user chooses to place certain application shortcuts on the desktop or in the Quick Launch then the application list is stored within this file. That’s all well and good, but what options can I set in PWRUSER.INI file and how do I go about implementing them?

When a user first logs on the default PowerFuse action is to copy the model \PWRMENU directory (under the ‘Configuration Management > PowerLaunch > Directory Maintenance > Home Directory > Settings‘ node in the PowerFuse management console) if it doesn’t already exist to the user’s home directory. This directory is hidden so you might have to change your Windows Explorer settings to see it.

If you wish to set defaults for new users then you can make the required changes in the PWRUSER.INI file directly from the management console. To change the settings for existing users then you will have to implement a Home Directory maintenance task to modify the specific Section, Key and Value settings within the PWRUSER.INI file (you do remember those Windows 3.1 .INI files don’t you!?).

The options for the PWRUSER.INI are not listed in the application help although there is a RES Knowledge Base article, ‘Q200958 INFO: PWRUSER.INI explained‘, that details all the available settings. In case you don’t have a portal login or can’t be bothered to look, here are some of the common settings:

LCID={Windows Language Number}
MLS={RES PowerFuse Language Code}

If you’re looking for a particular setting then make the change within PowerPanel and then check the PWRUSER.INI file. I do this all the time for the background colours as they don’t appear to follow any standard RGB scheme that I can decode!