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Configuring CredSSP for Deploying XenDesktop via DSC

During my presentation at E2EVC in Berlin, we released new open source Powershell Desired State Configuration (DSC) resources for Citrix XenDesktop 7. Unfortunately for everyone there, I never actually finished the presentation. The number of questions and level of interaction in the session was awesome. Even with the attempted sabotage by @drtritsch when he tried to blow…

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Active Setup – Stubpath Command Lines

I spend a lot time working with mandatory profiles and RES Workspace Manager, especially when using Citrix XenApp or Remote Desktop Services. One of the key elements to creating a slick mandatory profile is to ensure the Active Setup keys are added to the mandatory profile or you will forever see the annoying “Personaliz(s)ing Settings”…

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Updating your XenApp farm using RES Automation Manager

When publishing an application across multiple servers in a XenApp farm one of the key elements to a trouble free environment is having consistency across the farm.  RES Automation manager can help with getting this right. So, you have your software package imported into Automation Manager and you deploy to each XenApp server in turn. …

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