Quest vWorkspace and RES VDX Integration

We’ve come across some issues with the integration of RES VDX and Quest’s vWorkspace on a couple of customer sites just recently. Some old timers might remember an issue that occured when using the then, RES Subscrber/Workspace Extender, with Provision Networks Virtual Access Suite (VAS). The issue fixed by Q201760 RES Subscriber and RES PowerFuse Workspace Extender do not work with Provision Networks VAS is the same issue experienced with vWorkspace.

Both the legacy VAS client and the newer vWorkspace client are virtually the same and the registry key is still called ‘HKLM\Software\Provision Networks\Terminal Server Client\’. However, to integrate the newer VDX components we need to reference the newer VDX DLL(s) rather than the Workspace Extender DLL.

To get the VDX integration to work with vWorkspace we need to create one of the following keys on the local machine. Note: these registry keys are HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

For 32-bit clients:
KEY: HKLM\Software\Provision Networks\Terminal Services Client\Addins\RESVDX
DATA: C:\Program Files\RES Software\VDX Plugin\VDXRDPPlugin_x86.dll

For 64-bit clients:
KEY: HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Provision Networks\Terminal Services Client\Addins\RESVDX
DATA: C:\Program Files\RES Software\VDX Plugin\VDXRDPPlugin_x86.dll

Simples once you know how! Iain