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Mocking Missing Cmdlet ErrorAction with Pester

Following on from the previous Mocking Missing Cmdlets with Pester post, I also encountered another interesting problem when attempting to mock cmdlets that were not present on the test system. This one is more of an edge-case, hence its own post. Just like last time, the tests worked when I had the Hyper-V cmdlets installed, but…

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Mocking Missing Cmdlets with Pester

When writing Pester unit tests for your Powershell code you will probably have a need to mock calls to external functions before too long. This process works as you would expect when Pester can locate a defined function/cmdlet with a matching name. However, if Pester cannot find a definition, it will fail. This problem will…

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Searching for String Properties with Powershell

I had a requirement recently to parse a configuration file (let’s just say for documentation purposes) and I needed to retrieve a property/value pair which may or may not be present in a text line. Now, depending on the product we wish to document, we might have a line in the configuration file constructed as…

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