Mocking Missing Cmdlet ErrorAction with Pester

Following on from the previous Mocking Missing Cmdlets with Pester post, I also encountered another interesting problem when attempting to mock cmdlets that were not present on the test system. This one is more of an edge-case, hence its own post. Just like last time, the tests worked when I had the Hyper-V cmdlets installed, but failed when running within an Appveyor VM.

It’s probably not uncommon that you will need to ensure that the code under test should throw an error here-and-there. Here is a pseudo-example that tests that Get-VM writes an error when passed with a non-existent VM name:

When this test is run it fails:

The problem here is that the stub function is not an advanced function and the –ErrorAction preference switch is ignored! This is easily resolved by adding the [CmdletBinding()] attribute to the stub function definition:

Running the test now results in the expected output:

This is not a Pester issue and it’s not a Powershell issue either. It’s just the way the normal Powershell functions work. But, just in case someone else runs into it I thought it would be worth quickly documenting!