The case of the missing Office 2007 Quick Access Toolbars

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Recently I’ve been involved with one of our customers who is migrating from RES PowerFuse 2008 and roaming profiles on XenApp to RES Workspace Manager 2011 (WM) utilising Zero Profile Technology (ZPT) and a mandatory profile.

One of the issues they had on the new environment was the Office 2007 Quick Access Toolbars (QAT) weren’t being captured by WM using the built-in templates provided which capture the locations set out below:

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (v1 profiles):
%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Office

Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 (v2 profiles):

So everything appeared to be configured correctly; but still the QAT files weren’t being captured or worse still weren’t being saved in those locations.

Upon further investigation the QAT files where actually being saved in ‘%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Office’ which seemed very odd to me as I was sure one of the problems that people found when using roaming profiles with Office 2007 was the QAT didn’t roam!. This led me into thinking that maybe Microsoft had at some point released a hotfix that did in fact allow the QAT files to roam. So lets turn to the interweb and see what that brings up, and low and behold, Microsoft did just that and released a hotfix (included in Office 2007 SP2). Setting the registry key as described in the Microsoft article forces the QAT files to be saved in the users profile which would then allow them to roam.

Once I had this vital information I quickly found that this particular customer had uncovered this fix and had implemented it using RES PowerFuse 2008 (clever boys/gals!!). Because we had copied and upgraded the RES PowerFuse 2008 datastore to WM 2011, this user registry setting was being applied to the new environment. To resolve the problem we simply removed that registry setting and let the power of the templates supplied with RES WM 2011 do their thing and capture the QAT files in the default location.

NOTE: One thing I will add about the supplied templates is they don’t capture the QAT files for Outlook 2007 i.e. Olkaddritem.qat, Olkapptitem.qat, Olkdistitem.qat, Olklogitem.qat, Olkmailitem.qat, Olkpostitem.qat and Olktaskitem.qat.

To resolve this issue you can add file filter ‘%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Office\Olk*.qat’ to the capture settings for Outlook 2007. Hopefully this will get rolled into the default Office 2007 application templates by RES in a future release.

Hope this helps.




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