Mocking Missing Cmdlet Pipelines with Pester

Following on from the previous the Mocking Missing Cmdlets with Pester and Mocking Missing Cmdlet ErrorAction with Pester posts, I also encountered (yet) another interesting problem when attempting to mock cmdlets that were not present on the test system. This one is pretty similar to the -ErrorAction edge-case but involves the pipeline. Here’s a pseudo test that was failing:

In the above example, we wish to mock both the Get-VM and Remove-VM cmdlets and assert that the Remove-VM cmdlet is called. If we run this on a system that does not have the Hyper-V cmdlets installed we receive the following error:

The error message is fairly self-explanatory. Just like your standard Advanced Function definition, we need to indicate that a parameter needs to be able to accept input via the pipeline using the ValueFromPipeline attribute. To fix this we just need to add the Parameter attribute to our stub function definition:

Whilst it’s not rocket-science – just in case someone else runs into it – I thought it would be worth quickly documenting! Here’s the working example:


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