Virtual Engine Toolkit v1.0 Released

We are pleased to announce that the free Virtual Engine Toolkit (VET) 1.0 has been released! The new release includes an updated wizard to convert multiple Group Policy Objects to .REG files in a single pass and also includes the new Profile Update Utility (PuU). For more information or to download now, visit the VET page on the Virtual Engine web site.


  1. Bob de Kousemaeker on November 2, 2011 at 08:00


    Congrats on this great release. I know you have put a lot of effort in the toolkit. Good value add to the community.

    Does this release also include the capability of creating building blocks for RES Workspace Manager 2011? If not, I am happy to work with you to make this happen.

    Kind regards,

    Bob de Kousemaeker

  2. Iain Brighton on November 2, 2011 at 09:00

    Hi Bob – thanks for the comments.

    Converting GPOs into Building Blocks is completed as is the direct import into RES WM (assuming the console is installed)! This functionality will be released in VET 1.1

    Thanks, Iain

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