Discover how you can crush your security nightmares with an OS that’s designed for life on the Edge

The three most-often cited areas of significant cybersecurity skills shortages include cloud computing security, security analysis and investigations, and application security.

Where people can work from anywhere, you need a zero trust approach when it comes to the endpoint. We know businesses are struggling with security skills and IGEL can help.

IGEL protects the network edge. Your users’ endpoint devices are critically important, and patching and securing endpoints that run Windows is not easy. Patching can be time-consuming and costly to both IT and user productivity.

With IGEL OS one IT expert can easily keep thousands of desktops secure, updated and available, letting you deploy staff and budget elsewhere.

Cloud workspace offerings like Amazon Web Services and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) are all about moving Windows from the user device and into the cloud. IGEL OS is hardware agnostic and thus makes it easy to convert any x86-64 device, regardless of vendor or form factor, into a highly secure, standardised endpoint. Most if not all of your existing endpoint devices are already “cloud ready”!

IGEL + Citrix

Enable a fast and easy transition to the next generation of cloud workspaces every modern business needs

Why IGEL + Citrix?
For over three decades Citrix has helped thousands of IT teams stay ahead of evolving demands. Its agile and reliable virtualisation technology and cloud services simplify IT management and increase security— all while creating a seamless user experience.

IGEL and Citrix are transforming how people work through creative collaboration, together delivering a powerful integrated solution for secure, fast and frictionless access to cloud and virtualised workspaces from any IGEL OS-powered endpoint. No more expensive hardware refresh cycles, just new-found incredible efficiency, empowerment and scale.

Incredible starts here.

One IT expert can easily keep thousands of desktops secure, updated and available, letting you deploy staff and budget elsewhere. Empower your increasingly distributed workforce with the flexible cloud-based tools they need: anytime, anywhere.

So what next?
Work with us and see how the unique IGEL OS helps you unlock the advantages of a Citrix Workspace with unbelievable time and cost-efficiency, delivering a rich and productive user experience to any device, anywhere.

Why choose VE and IGEL?
With the perfect partner, incredible things can happen. As an authorised Expert Partner, Virtual Engine can help you power a quick and cost-efficient transition using the existing PCS you already own. No risks or delays, only rapid advantage — making us your perfect partner too.

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Are you wondering where next with your Microsoft strategy? Virtual Engine and IGEL have the solution

Although Windows 10 was billed as the last version of Windows, later this year there will be a release of Windows 11, the first major Windows release since 2015. It is estimated that 60% of existing PC’s will not be compatible and able to run Windows 11.

VE partners with IGEL – the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces, purpose-built for access to virtual environments – to deliver the solution.

Built on a highly secure Linux distribution to fortify your enterprise against malware, it can run on any compatible x86-64 device to help protect your hardware investments. Avoid expensive new PC Operating systems.

Ideal if you are also considering Windows 365 in the cloud. You can convert your existing PC to a Windows Desktop in the cloud and manage all the devices with the Centralised Management console. Alternatively use the IGEL hardware.

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IGEL enables you to deliver Windows without the worry of endpoint management, connecting to all virtualised, hosted or cloud-based technology or services.

  • Save time & money converting existing hardware
  • Improve security
  • Deliver great user experience

As an authorised Partner, Virtual Engine are ideally placed to help deliver this solution to your organisation.


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