ACEThe App-V 5 Configuration Editor (ACE) is part of the Virtual Engine Toolkit that provides an easy way to modify App-V 5 Dynamic Configuration and Manifest files.

The dynamic configuration and manifest files for App-V 5, provide a powerful mechanism to modify the settings associated with an App-V package when it’s deployed to a client or launched by a user. Unfortunately, it involves some manual manipulation and an detailed understanding of the XML schema/file structure. We all know what manual intervention and lack of a proper XML schema leads to; human errors!

As the latest addition to the toolkit it’s intended to simplify the modification of the App-V 5 Deployment/User Configuration (DeploymentConfig.xml and UserConfig.xml) and Manifest (AppxManifest.xml) files.

The simple GUI interface now allows App-V engineers to modify these files quickly and easily and cut out those pesky syntax errors!


Included Features

  1. Ability to modify AppxManifest files to support the App-V 5.1 sequencer Export/Import feature;
  2. Turn on/off various global options for User or Machine configurations;
  3. Add/Edit User and Machine configuration scripts;
  4. View, Add, Edit and Delete the shortcuts defined within the App-V package;
  5. Define an executable, whose child processes will be terminated when the application .EXE process is terminated (TerminateChildProcesses);
  6. Disable specific applications from being added at publishing time;
  7. Preview the generated XML before saving the file.
  8. Ability to save the Generated XML for use in App-V Scheduler.

User Guide

Refer to this page, which will guide you through using ACE.


Free to download and NO registration required. Just run the downloaded .MSI file and install in seconds.

NOTE: It does require the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or above to be installed.