The Virtual Engine Toolkit (VET) is primarily a collection of tools for managing the various components of a user’s Workspace. No matter what your User Environment Management (UEM) tool of choice or desktop delivery mechanism, the Virtual Engine Toolkit can help.

Customers can use the toolkit with AppSense’s Environment Manager, RES Software’s Workspace Manager or even without a UEM tool, i.e. vanilla Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Mandatory profiles.

VET contains tools that are both generic to any UEM product and ones that are specially designed to assist with any RES Workspace Manager implementation. For example, the Profile Update Utility allows an administrator to update Windows Default and/or Mandatory profiles with ease.

The newly introduced WSUS Integration Management Pack (WiMP) makes another welcome addition to VET. It’s purpose is very simple; automate the installation of Microsoft security updates/patches.

Did we forget to mention it’s FREE too!? For a brief overview as to what is new in the v1.2 release, check out our YouTube channel.

Toolkit Highlights

  • Conversion of existing Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to registry files (.REG) so that they can be managed by any User Environment Management tool, e.g. RES Workspace Manager or AppSense Environment Manager;
  • A GPO conversion wizard that will enumerate and convert all Group Policy Objects in an Active Directory domain in a single pass;
  • Merge .ADM/.ADMX files to reduce the administrative burden of multiple ADMX files with various UEM products;
  • Update and manage Windows Mandatory profiles;
  • Allow RES Automation Manager Jobs to be scheduled without requiring direct access to the RES Automation Manager console using the Job Execution Tool (JET).

RES Workspace Manager Specific Highlights

  • Convert Active Directory published printers and site definitions to RES Workspace Manager Building Blocks;
  • Convert .CSV files containing drive mappings, printers and environment variables to RES Workspace Manager Building Blocks;
  • Direct import of converted Active Directory and Group Policy objects directly into the RES Workspace Manager console – including GPO Active Directory Site/OU links and assigned “Apply Group Policy” security filtering rules;
  • Building Block Spinner (BBSpinner) allows you to migrate RES Workspace Manager Building Blocks from one environment to another;
  • Easily display and locate RunOnce GUIDs generated by RES Workspace Manager.


Free to download and NO registration required. Just run the downloaded .MSI file and install in seconds.

NOTE: It does require the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 to be installed.