The Profile Update Utility (PuU) that is part of the Virtual Engine Toolkit makes updating Mandatory profiles a simple process. Simple tasks such as injecting Windows ActiveSetup keys into a Mandatory profile can be both time consuming and error prone. With the Profile Update Utility this is a two click process.

PuU offers the ability to inject any number of existing registry files into multiple user profile hives. Typically this process requires administrators to export registry settings, manually edit them, load the user hive, import the edited registry settings and unload the user registry hive. This process is convoluted and if anything is missed or performed incorrectly then the (Mandatory) profile may fail to load.

In addition, PuU offers various options to backup or duplicate the source Mandatory profile ensuring there is a method to roll back to the previous version if there are any problems. There is also the ability to import and enable various preconfigured settings i.e. Aero Themes and International Settings.

For a brief overview and demonstration of the new features in the Virtual Engine Toolkit v1.2, check out our YouTube channel.


Free to download and NO registration required. Just run the downloaded .MSI file and install in seconds.

NOTE: It does require the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 to be installed.