As businesses become increasing more reliant on flexible working, users expect to be able to work from wherever they happen to be to get their jobs done. Unfortunately for the IT department, users may have varying methods for application and network access. For example, a member of the Sales department may access data and applications offline on a laptop when out and about. When working from home, they may choose to use RDS or XenApp (Application Presentation Virtualisation) to access corporate CRM databases for access to the latest information. Failure to deliver a consistent experience to users reduces their productivity and increases frustration.

User virtualisation decouples the user’s environment, e.g. desktop, shortcuts and application settings from the underlying Operating System. This allows consistent delivery of the user’s workspace across multiple delivery platforms, i.e. PCs, laptops, virtual desktops and/or XenApp servers. Regardless of whether a user runs an application locally one day and remotely the following, they can now receive a consistent experience.

User workspace management with RES Workspace Manager also enables an administrator to make the user’s workspace context-aware. A context-aware workspace takes consideration of who the user is, where they are located on what device and when. The combination of these dynamic rules provides the business with a way to secure access to applications and data based on business rules.

For example, it is possible to:

  • Disable access to local applications when a user is outside of the corporate firewall.
  • Applications can be dynamically delivered remotely (via Citrix XenApp or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services) from particular company sites to improve performance over the WAN.
  • Dynamically evaluate physical computer attributes and remove or grant application access accordingly.

Utilising other dynamic desktop technologies in conjunction with user virtualisation, such as application virtualisation, application presentation virtualisation and desktop virtualisation, you can create a truly dynamic environment for you users. To find out more information or a demonstration, Contact Us now.