RALC Gain the in-depth skills and industry-recognised certification on RES Software technology today! The RES Certified Professional programme is designed for technical individuals, partners, end-users, resellers and consultants – who want to demonstrate their expertise in RES ONE Workspace, RES ONE Automation and/or RES ONE Service Store and increase their potential for career advancement.

All of our public RES Software training courses are now only offered as virtual instructor-led training. Virtual training is closely aligned with the way that people work and learn today, enabling delegates to learn with minimal disruption to productivity. It’s the same great content, just spread over a longer period of time.

Because maintaining interest for more than 90 minutes in a virtual learning environment is challenging, the content has been split into shorter daily sessions. Now learners can train only for a half a day and still be able to maintain business commitments without being out of the office for days on end. Coupled with little or no travel time or expenses, there is not a lot to dislike. What is more, we can now deliver the same great training experience for distributed teams throughout Europe and the US, all at the same time!

Fast-track Courses

For learners who like to learn in their own time and due to demand, we have introduced RES ONE Workspace Fast-track, RES ONE Automation Fast-track and RES ONE Service Store Fast-track workshops. Condensed into a single day, learners receive all the pertinent background information and can then perform lab exercises in their own time, with support for answering any questions.

Course Availability

More information on all courses and their availability can be found here. If you wish to run a private on-site or virtual course then we please contact us.