Presenting applications running on a remote server is nothing new and we’ve been doing this with Mainframes for generations. With application presentation virtualisation technologies from Citrix, Quest and Microsoft, the number of alternatives on offer has never been greater. As Virtual Engine are independent consultants we can offer you impartial comparisons on which technology stack will best meet your organisation’s business requirements and budget.

Running applications on a server directly in the data centre provides the following benefits:

  • It keeps the applications close to the backend infrastructure accelerating performance.
  • As data does not need to leave the data centre it improves data security and simplifies backup processes.
  • Only key strokes and screen updates are sent back and forth over the network reducing the amount of network bandwidth required to support inefficient application architectures.

Combining other technologies such as user virtualisation and application virtualisation with application presentation virtualisation can create a dynamic desktop infrastructure delivering applications wherever needed regardless of the delivering mechanisms. For more detailed information or a demonstration please Contact Us.