RES Showcase Preview

The free RES Showcase from Virtual Engine is designed to allow you to evaluate and perform Proof of Concepts (PoC) in a pre-installed and pre-configured demonstration environment. Included in the RES Showcase are RES ONE Workspace, RES ONE Automation, RES ONE Service Store, RES VDX with Subscriber, Citrix XenApp, Microsoft App-V and Exchange 2010.

Each demo RES Showcase is available for 7 days upon request and, depending on availability, may be available in as little as 5 minutes! When you are granted access to the Showcase platform you will receive documentation detailing the configuration and all information you need to know to get you started. If you require access to a demo Showcase for longer then please contact your Virtual Engine sales representative before your 7 days expires.

The following video introduces what the RES Showcase is and why we make it availble for free.

For more video demonstrations and information on the RES Showcase please refer to our YouTube channel.